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MINDBODY Integrated WOD Tracking.

Meet totalWOD: The only MINDBODY integrated WOD tracking solution designed to make tracking all of your members' workouts easy.

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totalWOD is the only WOD tracking solution that works with MINDBODY to offer a seamless approach to performance tracking. Easy to implement and completely customizable, affiliates can create a program that works for their box.

How does it work?

We do things differently at TotalWOD. Our goal is to provide WOD tracking app so that affiliates and athletes can focus on what’s most important—reaching new workout PRs.

Why Box Owners Love TotalWOD:

It's Easy! Our application is intuitive, making it easy for you and your members to adopt it quickly.
We MindBody! We have a deep integration with the number one workout scheduling platform on the market—MindBody.
I’ve been using MINDBODY since I opened my box. I looked at performance tracking solutions, but really wanted something that worked with my current management system. Adding totalWOD brought all the tracking and class registration features, that my trainers and members wanted, to my box. The integration made it so easy to get started, nearly 100% of my members are tracking their workouts now.

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